Tajima – Tape Measure Safety Rope Lanyard Tether 20oz Capacity – AZS-ROP


・For Attached Tool Weights: up to 20 oz ( 567 g )
・Standard Overall Length: 16.5 in ( 420 mm ) (max, including halter snap)
・Extended Length: 59.1 in ( 1,500 mm ) (including halter snap)
・Rope Tether Diameter: 0.1 in ( 3.2 mm ) (polyurethane resin)
・Core Diameter: 0.03 in ( 0.8 mm ) (Vectran*)
*Vectran is a registered trademark of Kuraray Co. Ltd.


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Whether you’re working on the roof of a house or up in the clouds, dropped object prevention is an OSHA topic worth paying attention to. For tools at height, this applies not only to larger power tools, but also smaller hand tools like tape measures, which can reach dangerous velocities when dislodged on the job. And besides: no one wants to lose a tool to gravity. Tajima, a longtime manufacturer of quality tape measures, has naturally brought their own tool lanyard solution to the table. Capable of accommodating tools up to 20oz, this polyurethane tether can help you keep a handle on popular tape measures like Tajima’s GS Lock line. Attach to safety belt end and tape measure, prevents the tape measure from being dropped, damaged or lost. Safe to work with when moving around or working at heights on-site.

  • For attached tool weights up to 20oz (567g)
  • Equilibrium overall length (including halter snap): 420mm
  • Max. extended length (including halter snap): 1500mm
  • Rope tether diameter: 3.2mm (polyurethane resin)
  • Core diameter: 0.8mm
  • Tetherable tool lanyard, providing an OSHA-friendly tools at height solution towards dropped object prevention.
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 90 Days
  • Overall Length (in): 16 1/2




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