The Original Zoda Tools Wire Stripper



The Zoda Wire Stripper Is A Must Have Tool for:

  • Electrician, electrical journeyman or helper.
  • Heating & Air Conditioning Business
  • Carpenters & Home Improvement Contractors (if remodeling or demolishing a whole building ALL of the copper wire is RECYCLABLE)
  • The local handyman (residential or commercial), the do-it-yourself homeowner, or anyone who collects scrap wire for extra cash

  • Strip copper wire in seconds
  • Requires Standard Utility Knife for use (NOT included) * Available in store*
  • Works Best with Stanley Classic 99 Utility Knife or equivalent


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Zoda Wire Stripper comes with (8) interchangeable wire guides. The wire guides are engineered to provide efficient and precise wire stripping without putting your hands or other body parts in harm’s way. The Zoda Wire Stripper can strip standard and solid wire, gauges 16 – 6. Plus: 10, 12 and 14 gauge Romex.

The cutting blade for the Zoda Wire Stripper is a standard utility knife. In order to keep cost down, utility knife is not included.

People or Trades who would be interested in
a wire stripper such as Zoda:

New Projects (residential or commercial):  Every time the electricians pull wire they will pull more than is needed, so they can then cut the wire to fit.  This scrap can be several feet for every wire pulled, and the wire left at the end of a spool not long enough to do anything with is scrap.  This extra or scrap wire adds up quickly.  On remodel  jobs, every wall or room that is removed or altered, the electrical wire needs to come out.   On demolition jobs all the wire will be taken out.  The construction business might be slow, but there is still a lot of construction going on all over the country (new, remodeling, demolition, heating & air conditioning and refrigeration).

Manufacturing plants, (Trailers, RV’s, automotive, motorcycle, any equipment that has a motor), will produce hundreds of feet of scrap wire every day.

Production & Distribution Plants:  Food processing, farming, all types of materials, clothing, medical.  The same applies as the “New Projects”, especially if there is new equipment. In food processing, and most  production plants, they are constantly upgrading to faster more efficient equipment.  When altering a production plant the electrical wiring usually needs to be moved for new equipment, so old wire is pulled and discarded.  In this case the scrap wire could be in the thousands of feet.

Handymen, Residential or Commercial:  Home improvement, condos, hotel, motels, office buildings, stores, any business building, heating and air conditioning business,….the list goes on.



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